Skulls and Bones


Please remember to let Pat Redford know if you have any bird skulls, bills or skeletons that she might be able to use for the HBC stand at the Fernkloof Flower Festival in September.  She can be reached at

This is an urgent appeal!!

Important News Concerning all of us


We have recently been notified that an application has been made to the Overstrand Municipality to build a whisky/gin distillery on the dirt road between the villages of Rooiels and Pringle Bay.  This is currently a pristine, highly sensitive ecological area, accessible only on foot (and by car on a dirt road to only a handful of small-holding owners).  It is a prime birding area, attracting many local and international birders, who come to see the Cape Rock Jumper and Ground Woodpecker, amongst others.

The application touts the merits of attracting vast numbers of tourists to the area to visit the distillery, and of course, service vehicles will be necessary for the operation of the distillery, as well as other impacts caused by an industrial activity.  Distilleries also represent very significant fire hazards.

This area is also a buffer zone for the 51st (Kogelberg) Biosphere.​

The Overstrand Municipality has invited interested parties to lodge comments concerning the application.  Comments and objections are due by 3 August 2018.

Please respond!!

TO LODGE AN OBJECTION, please e-mail Overstrand Municipality Manager via




“Really Good News”


Truly Incredible photos have been provided by our truly incredible members, so our call for “Bills, Bills, Bills” was a great success! Thank you so very much to all! Received over 100 pix!! Very hard to choose!

Very excited about the theme this year for the HBC stand at the flower show.

“dem bones” is the follow up begging campaign, and it would be great if we could ‘borrow’ any bird skulls or bird bills which may be lurking in your garages or on your shelves.  We never know what members have in store!  Perhaps look out on your next walk or just in the garden one may find a little surprise.

We will take special care to display them carefully and keep them safe for the duration of the show.

Thank you once again.

Kind Regards

Pat Redford



Please make the following changes to your diary for forthcoming events at the Hermanus Bird Club – changes affect the July and August meetings.

 18 July .   Our Annual Quiz takes place. Mike Ford will be the Quizmaster – Soup and sherry will be served at mid-way and we will have our usual donation wine available. Quiz starts at 18h30 and as usual the wine bar will be open at 18h00

 15 August    Pinky Ngewu from the Dyer Island Trust will talk to us about what they are doing to preserve our precious Seabirds. Wine bar opens at 18h00 and the talk starts at 18h30.

Bills, Bills, Bills

Marabou Stork

Pat Redford, who will be running our stand (theme – Bird’s Bills) at the Flower Festival in September, writes,

“Please could you nag the members for some good photos of BILLS, BILLS,  BILLS.

I have made a list based on the remarkable differences between the various species and their bills, and also that they are mostly local with a few up country ones too.

Am hoping for as many close up clear pics of the BILLs as I can find. I have quite a few from previous shows , however the list below is my dream bill list!

Kingfisher ( Giant or Malachite or Pied);    Saddle Billed Stork;   Spoonbill ;  African Black Oystercatcher;   Stilt;   Avocet;   Verreaux’s Eagle;   Greater Flamingo;   African Penguin;   Common Waxbill;   African Hoopoe;   Eagles/Raptors.

The photos need to be quite good quality in order to reproduce in print, but am happy to receive whatever anyone may have and evaluate accordingly.

Much appreciated!”


The Intermittent Blogger


Sadly, your editor will be a away for most of May, so the blog will be silent for that period.  I shall be birding in Botswana and Zimbabwe, so hope to bring back some interesting stories about the birds encountered.  Craig assures me that he will keep members up to date via their email, so you should not miss out.

River Rat


The last of the evening cruises was not that successful!  We had a lovely group who enthusiastically boarded the River Rat at 17h00. However, the wind gods decided that we should have strong winds inflicted upon us and going down stream was very rapid and the return slow with strong winds in our face. Nonetheless we did manage to get 31 species including wonderful Purple Swamphen sightings, Purple Heron, and four species of Kingfisher. Despite the wind, however, we all thoroughly enjoyed the outing – it’s always lovely to be on the water at Stanford.