Club Meeting on Wednesday 18 May

Please note that there will be a club meeting at 6:30 pm at the Fernkloof Hall on Wednesday 18 May. The speaker will be Ronnie Hazell, who will present a talk at 7:00 pm entitled “6000 kms and 300 Birds” We look forward to seeing you there. Donations of R20 will be accepted when we enjoy a glass of wine before the talk.

Monthly Meeting – Wednesday, 20 April

Mike Ford will be our speaker next Wednesday. The presentation is entitled “The Sentinel Project – 6 weeks in the rainforests of Ghana”. It describes the research that he participated in to collect data for Imperial College of London as part of a large-scale project to minimize and control de-forestation in that country. This will no doubt be a very interesting talk and we encourage members to attend.

As usual, we will meet at 6:30 pm at the Fernkloof Hall, where a glass of wine will be available for a R20 donation. The increase will be explained at the meeting, which will commence at 7:00 pm.

AGM on 16 March

Please remember that the important AGM will be held at the Fernkloof Hall on Wednesday 16 March at 7:00 pm. Wine will be served at 6:30, so please bring your own glass or you will miss out!

Mike Kokot will talk about the recent Flock-at-Sea undertaken by BLSA. He was a lucky participant and will have lots to tell us about the trip to Marion Island and the amazing birds that he saw.

If anyboby wants to volunteer for a place on the committee, please contact Barbara Palmer. We are always looking for new blood to keep the wheels turning!

February Meeting

You are reminded that the February Meeting of HBC will take place in the Fernkloof Hall on Wednesday 16 Feb, when the speaker will be Pinkey Ngewu, from the Dyer Island Conservation Trust. Wine will be available at 6:30 pm for a R10 donation – please remember you will need to bring your own glasses. The meeting will start at 7:00 pm.

January Meeting

At our monthly meeting on Wednesday 19 January, Pinkie Ngewu will be talking to us about the Dyer Island Conservation Trust. The meeting will be held in the Fernkloof Hall at 7:00 pm. Please remember that only vaccinated members may attend and that you will be asked to sign the register and have your temperature taken on arrival. Please wear your masks throughout the meeting.

We will be serving wine before the meeting (at 6:30, with a R10 per glass donation) but you will have to bring your own glasses please.

Meeting on 17 November.

Our evening meeting will be held in the Fernkloof Hall on 17 November at 19:00 – John Bowman shares a ‘Kruger Park Adventure and a bit more’ with us.  Remember proof of vaccination is required in order to attend and masks must be worn throughout the evening.  No drinks will be served at this meeting. We need to observe all Covid regulations, so a register will be open at the door. Attendees will need to bring their own pen to record their names and temperatures, which will be measured on arrival. The seating will be appropriately spaced and we will only be able to accommodate as many people as there are chairs. The latter will be pre-sanitised for your protection. Please help us by observing these requirements.