Contact us

Hermanus Bird Club Committee 2019

Contact details:

Chairman:  John Saunders 028 316 2302 /

Deputy Chairman and Blog: Ronnie Hazell 028 312 3212 /

Treasurer: Keith Brooke-Sumner 028 313 1633 /

Secretary: Monika von Oppell 079 138 6071 /

Projects: Guy Redford 082 905 2365 /

Social Co-ordinator: Sue Franck 072 230 9169 /

11 comments on “Contact us

  1. Baie geluk en sterkte aan die nuwe bestuur – and especially to Ronnie, who is taking over the website.

  2. Good morning. I am a casual birder with the privilege of enjoying many weekends enjoying the birdlife at the Botriver lagoon. My 8x 40 binoculars is not enough anymore and I am considering a spotting scope. Budget limited to R10000. Would like to get some advise on best buy.

  3. I have a home in Hermanus…visiting fairly regularly and would love to join in when I am in town. Would love to join walks and talks. Kind regards. Michele

  4. I saw an African Harrier Hawk in Hermanus today. Is this something general, or is it special? Did unfortunately not get good picture. Will post on website what I got.
    Gys Els

    • Gys, although the Harrier Hawk is regularly seen in the Hermanus area it is always a special sighting to me!

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