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Hermanus Bird Club Committee 2019

Contact details:

Chairman:  John Saunders 028 316 2302 /

Deputy Chairman and Blog: Ronnie Hazell 028 312 3212 /

Treasurer: Keith Brooke-Sumner 028 313 1633 /

Secretary: Monika von Oppell 079 138 6071 /

Projects: Guy Redford 082 905 2365 /

Social Co-ordinator: Sue Franck 072 230 9169 /

14 comments on “Contact us

  1. Baie geluk en sterkte aan die nuwe bestuur – and especially to Ronnie, who is taking over the website.

  2. Good morning. I am a casual birder with the privilege of enjoying many weekends enjoying the birdlife at the Botriver lagoon. My 8x 40 binoculars is not enough anymore and I am considering a spotting scope. Budget limited to R10000. Would like to get some advise on best buy.

  3. I have a home in Hermanus…visiting fairly regularly and would love to join in when I am in town. Would love to join walks and talks. Kind regards. Michele

  4. I saw an African Harrier Hawk in Hermanus today. Is this something general, or is it special? Did unfortunately not get good picture. Will post on website what I got.
    Gys Els

    • Gys, although the Harrier Hawk is regularly seen in the Hermanus area it is always a special sighting to me!

  5. Good afternoon. Is there anyone that could assist me in the removal of Indian Myner birds. They have driven all my lovely weaver birds away and chase each and every bird away.
    I would so appreciate your advice.

  6. We’ve had great fun in JHB with the 21 bird imoji quiz?

    Can you tell us who created it?

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