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March 2017

I would like to welcome the new Committee – Mike Bryan, Daphne Hutton, Monika von Oppell, Mariette Pitlo, John Saunders and Ronnie Hazell. A big change for the new year, but I am sure that these new Committee members will help the old members, Guy Redford and me, to serve the interests of all our Club members.

A sincere thanks to Peta McAdam, Petra Hoeben, Roy Moulton, Mike Ford and Charles Naudé, who have stepped down for a variety of reasons.

The website has been updated with the new Committee and the programme for 2017.

John is taking over walks and talks, Ronnie the communication portfolio, Monika the secretarial role, while Daphne and Mariette will share public relations and events, with a little help from the rest of us, and Mike is joining us as treasurer. They are all capable, and I look forward to working with them.

We kicked off the year with Faansie Peacock, a great speaker, whose presentation on waders was a hit. After his talk he agreed to supply his latest books – Chamberlain’s Waders and Chamberlain’s LBJs – to members who did not attend the talk, and at a greatly discounted cost.

The annual general meeting (AGM) went off smoothly, and thanks to presentations by Mike and Ronnie we had an entertaining time before going through the usual AGM issues. The minutes have been circulated, as have the financials and the chairman’s report.

Our monthly walk in March was to Rooi Els, and the Harold Porter Botanical Garden in Betty’s Bay. This was well supported. The group identified 54 species, including the elusive Cape Rockjumper (Kaapse Berglyster) and Ground Woodpecker (Grondspeg). A really lovely outing led by Mike Ford.

Our next walk, at Strandfontein on Thursday 6 April, should produce some excellent sightings. It will be led by Barbara Palmer. Dale Wright will address us on 15 March on the Birdlife SA Western Cape progress over the past 5 years, and where to from here.

The first month of the Challenge has passed, and there have been some great sightings. I definitely have to work harder.

If you haven’t yet entered for the Mini Big Birding Day, why not? It’s a fun event and a good way to get out and see the birds within 40 km  around Hermanus. Still time to enter.

You will have read in the minutes of the AGM that Birdlife SA had approached our Club to become an affiliate. This will require a small change to our constitution, and we will need a special general meeting to approve. I will circulate the applicable documents shortly.

I suggest that we start our monthly meeting on 19 April half an hour earlier, at 18:30, to discuss this issue, and agree or reject the BLSA request. This will be followed, at the normal starting time of 19:00, by our April speaker.

Best wishes, and feel free to contact me at any time.

Craig Holmes


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