Recent Sightings

This is where members are encouraged to report on any sightings of interest in our area. Please ensure it’s relevancy by adding your information as a comment below asap.

6 comments on “Recent Sightings

  1. I did an interesting circuit a few days ago, from Stanford turnoff, via Tesselaarsdal and back via Hemel & Aarde, atlassing as I went. I covered 2 full pentads and 3 partial ones and in spite of the dryness of the area, racked up a total of 75 species.

    These included the European Roller which has been hanging about just outside Stanford for some time, Giant and Brown-hooded Kingfishers, Black Harrier and my last for the day (just before joining the Hemel & Aarde Road) a Secretary Bird.

    I was particularly pleased to have a good morning’s atlassing as most of the pentads along that route have only been done a few times and never before in March. A good number of my birds were “firsts” for the particular pentad.

    I just wish I could interest a few more Club members in atlassing, as apart from Chris Cheetham and myself, the Overberg is being sadly neglected.


  2. Mike sent me this

    Hi Ronnie,
    For a few days now there has been an outbreak of small dark caterpillars on the tree outside our study window. Fortunately I decided not to spray, as this morning no less than five Klaas’s Cuckoos descended on the tree and have been gorging themselves for the past four hours.
    Strangely enough, all five were females. I wonder why?

  3. Good morning All, we just heard a nightjar in Vermont, the ‘Good Lord deliver us’ bird, wow incredible 😀 at 2:30 on 31st March. The last time we heard or saw one, was at Sabi Sabi. Now followed by male and female owls, Cape Eagle Owls, we presume. Feeling very happy. All the best, Tracy

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