A merry band of birders gathered around at the Country Market to celebrate … just being. Being together, being alive, being at peace.

The Bird Club banner was flying proudly, and Barbara P and Graham had decorated the tables with golden and silver pine cones, and swatches of pine needles. Bottles of wine and other bubbly drinks were opened, and the food hampers unpacked. Cold meats, olives, salads and sushi soon covered the famous paper bird club tablecloths.

We all had a lovely time chatting and sharing stories. Thank you to the committee members who organised the end of year gathering! We are looking forward to an action-packed 2022.

Submitted by Barbara Swart


  1. Christmas Greetings to all HBC members from Ed Meyer in a cold Ontario, Canada. My birding highlight last weekend was to see a pair of Snowy Owls, a lifer for me. So glad you enjoyed the Christmas Party at the Country Market. Look forward to being back home in the New Year. Warmest Wishes to all for a Happy Festive season. Ed Meyer

  2. Thank you for the wishes Ed. May you and yours, and all the HBC members have a wonderful, safe Festive Season with loved ones and friends. Wishing you all at least one lifer during the holidays, although Ed will probably be the only one to add a pair of Snowy Owls to his life list! Let’s make 2022 a busy and productive birding year. Best Wishes
    Barbara & Graham

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