A New and Bigger Challenge for Everyone

No sooner do I announce my last blog posting, than I am back doing another. Mike asked me to kick off the new Challenge which was mentioned at the AGM.

We decided to have a Challenge that will keep you occupied and alert for the rest of the year. It starts on Monday 20 March and will run for the rest of the year. The area covered will be the Western Cape, providing a host of different habitats and great opportunities to see a wide variety of birds. There is a Spreadsheet below that you can download for entering you results. Just save it with your name in the title, prior to commencement. We think that you should submit you results to me, Ronnie Hazell, at corylus@hermanus.co.za at the end of each quarter, so that we can see who is doing what.

Birds can be ticked if seen or heard, provided that in the latter case the member has previously seen the species in question. The Western Cape area is clearly marked on most maps. Sightings can include birds seen from the shore, but we will exclude those noted on pelagic trips as these are beyond the reach of many members.

Good Luck, and we hope that you will find this exercise stimulating and that you will even see a few lifers! Please enter the event even if you are not a seasoned birder. It is a wonderful opportunity to expand your birding experience and should keep you on the lookout whenever you go anywhere in the Western Cape.

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